About Courtney



I’m Courtney Payne.  I am so glad you are visiting Brookside On Main!  I am an avid home decor enthusiast who loves to be inspired by personal style reflected in the home.  I am also a wife and mother of two young and amazing kiddos and one floppy, spirited silver Labrador.  Our home is filled with energy, both happy and chaotic.  This energy and, let’s face it, the sometimes utter destruction in which the littles of the home can inflict, has shaped the style of our home today.  At Brookside On Main I will share how we approach design and decor at my house.  What has worked for us, what hasn’t, and how you can make your home look good on a budget.  We will tour beautiful and loved homes to learn a little about what makes a house a “home” to it’s occupants, meet and learn more about local businesses and artisans, dive into fun (and completely doable) DIY projects, and so much more!

Please stick with me as this space develops and grows.  It will be a learning process but it will also be a lot of fun!