At Home With The Artist Part 2 – “More Home Tour Goodness with KC Artist, Leslie Beck.”

Back in April I had the privilege of sitting down with Kansas City based artist, Leslie Beck, to talk a little about her work and to tour her lovely Kansas City home. Well, after my visit, I received a call from Leslie inviting me back to do an additional installment featuring the second floor of her home! The upstairs of the family home is the domain of the couple’s 5 children (and wasn’t exactly photo-ready the first time I was there because…kids.) This area also went through the bulk of the extensive of the major renovations to the family’s home as it was a fully-outfitted second floor duplex apartment prior to the family moving in. Leslie has also generously provided some “before and during” pics to share the renovation process, and, I mean, who doesn’t love a good “before and after?” So, without further ado, let’s take a look at more of Leslie’s gorgeous home.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

The original staircase of the home was re-done and re-configured to better fit the space.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

The original second floor landing during the renovation stage.

Completed upstairs landing.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

What was the original living room and den of the upstairs duplex apartment was converted by the family into two rooms, a television room and a bedroom for one of Leslie’s daughters.

The new light-filled television room provides a great gathering area for the children and their friends.

Artwork by the children makes for a colorful gallery wall in the television room.

The additional space of the original living room and den was converted into a spacious bedroom.

Natural light abounds in the sitting area of the bedroom which also leads to an upstairs deck.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

A spacious new bathroom, shared by the couple’s two daughters, was installed in the former kitchen of the apartment space.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

The former dining room/breakfast area of the upstairs apartment became a light and airy bedroom retreat for the couple’s other daughter.

The two girls bedrooms share access to an upstairs deck.

Moving to the opposite side of the second floor we enter the boys area. This section of the home’s blueprint remained fairly in tact from the original layout but did undergo major cosmetic updating.

A cheerful playroom separates the boy’s bedrooms.

A Country Club Plaza banner designed during Leslie’s time at Farmdog studios adds art and whimsy to the second of the boys bedrooms.

Photo provided by Leslie Beck.

A look at the original bathroom off what is now the second boys bedroom.

Chic updates have modernized and brightened up the dated former space.

The prettiest details abound throughout the home.

Another County Club Plaza banner designed when Leslie was with Farmdog Studios makes a statement in the boy’s hallway.

I can not thank Leslie and her sweet family enough for allowing me to share their lovingly renovated home with you! The time, thought, history and love that has been poured into this space is exactly what makes a house a home. I love the history that Leslie so generously shared about her home in our first installment. This is truly a generational home. The attention to detail and care that Leslie and her husband have put into this house to make it the perfect home for their family will carry over to their children and provide many more years of memories for this special family.

If you missed the first installment of our series, check it out in past posts.

You can also view Leslie’s amazing artwork HERE.


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