The Local Series – “Beauty Made Simple with LOVER® Cosmetics LLC Founder, Ashley Rodden.”

As most of my readers know, I am a mom to two young kids which translates into, “I am busy ALL THE TIME.”  Due to hectic schedules and basically putting everyone else first, I tend to look after myself the least.  Not that I am complaining!  I love my life.  I have an awesome husband and two healthy, happy, wonderful kids.  However, real life is real life, and mine is busy.  So if corners are “cut,” so to speak, I’m normally on the receiving end of said cuts.

This fact of life is what made this particular post so appealing.

Ashley Rodden, founder of LOVER® Cosmetics LLC, Kansas City native, mother of 2 and amazing entrepreneurial boss babe just gets it.  She gets that we are busy.  She gets what it’s like being a mom, a businesswoman, or just a gal trying to get through the day the best that she can.  However, what Ashley really gets (admittedly better than this writer) is that we need to take the time to do things that make us feel great about ourselves.  Ashley has translated this understanding into her cosmetics line, LOVER® Cosmetics LLC, by creating simple beauty for all women.

Founded in 2005, simplicity has been an enduring theme guiding LOVER® Cosmetics LLC.  “The two most frequent things that I hear from women regarding makeup is, 1) I don’t know how to apply it, and 2) I don’t have the time,” Ashley said. 

With these obstacles in mind, Ashley has overcome with the creation of a unique magnetic palette that allows clients to customize their colors to their skin tone and style preference.  When one color in the palette runs out, you simply pop it out and replace it, instead of having to buy an entire new complete palette.  Ashley also created a 5-Step Makeup Guide

“Lets say you are having a rough morning, you are dealing with kids, or you may be travelling,” Ashley explained. “The ease of the magnetic palette means you don’t need a full, often overflowing makeup bag.  You have exactly what you need.  And the 5-Step Guide allows you to apply a full face in just a few minutes.”

Ashley also offers online tutorials on the LOVER® Cosmetics LLC site for clients who would like a reminder on how to apply a certain product.

Another amazing feature worth noting about LOVER® Cosmetics LLC is product quality.  “I try to keep my products in line with EU compliance,” Ashley said,” Europe has a list of more than 1500 banned chemicals for cosmetics and the U.S. has less than 30.  I want a clean, good, high quality product that people can feel good about.”

At the start of this year Ashley launched a “Featured Product of the Month.”  “Our featured products are timely, fashion-forward, and meet the needs of the season,”  Ashley said.  To celebrate spring and summer beauty, the June Featured Product is June Rose Lip Balms.  The lip balms come in 3 shades, Sweet Brier (true pink), Alchymist (plum) and Bruxelles (peachy-pink).  All are ultra sheer in color making them a perfect option to apply under lipsticks, alone, or before bed for all night moisture.  As a bonus to my readers, Ashley is generously GIVING AWAY 1 complete set of June Rose Lip Balms (retails at $90)!!!  Visit the Brookside On Main Instagram page @brooksideonmain for complete entry details.

Want to try LOVER® Cosmetics LLC but would like someone to demonstrate the product in person?  Ashley is your girl!  In 2009 Ashley spent 4 months studying makeup artistry at the Christian Chauveau School of Makeup in Paris.  Ashley brings her expertise to Bijin Salon & Spa monthly, she hosts beauty clinics, and is available for private lessons and special occasion makeup (more info. at the end of this post.)

Ashley’s work while studying at Christian Chauveau School of Makeup Artistry.


Ashley’s approach to beauty with LOVER® Cosmetics LLC is refreshing and simple.  “Less is more,” she said, “I want people to see your face, not your makeup.”

Everyone deserves to feel their best, and sometimes something as simple as a great lipstick can do the trick.  As a busy mom, I personally love what Ashley is doing at LOVER® Cosmetics LLC to create a simple routine for her clientele.  As a woman, I appreciate her kind, thoughtful, clean and efficient approach to her product, business and clients.  Ashley sums it up best, “The best thing about makeup is how you feel when you have it on.  It makes you feel good.  I want people to have that good feeling all day long.”

I thank Ashley for sharing the story of LOVER® Cosmetics LLC with us.  Go to @brooksideonmain at Instagram to enter to win a set of June Rose Lip Balms and read below to learn more about LOVER® Cosmetics LLC retailers and upcoming events!

PS-Tune in next Monday when Ashley gives us a tour of her gorgeous Kansas City home!  Can’t wait!


To Purchase LOVER® Cosmetics LLC products:

Order Online HERE

Visit K.C. Retailers:  Bijin Salon and Spa

                                    Brow Bar

                                    Delphinium Salon

                                    Albers Pharmacy, 4400 Broadway, KCMO

Upcoming Events:

Bijin Salon & Spa Pop-up (2019 dates) – June 6, July 11, August 8, September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5


KC Beauty Clinic for Teens (ages 13-18)

June 14, 3-4pm @ The Market Studio, 3522 Genessee St., KCMO

Register at


Visit to schedule a private lesson or special Occasion makeup session with Ashley.


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