The DIY Series – “Creating Your Own Sunburst Wall Mirror”

Well, this post was supposed to come out early this morning but….Super Bowl party. The most boring Super Bowl, that no one actually cared to watch, actually made for a very fun party with friends. However, I’m moving very slowly this Monday morning and my poor kids were a disaster after a later than usual bed time. Getting ready for school this morning was a fun one! To their teachers: I’m sorry. Blame Tom Brady.

Anyway, back to business. I am so excited to share this easy DIY project for a stunning wall mirror with you! I came across this mirror idea when we lived in Shreveport, Louisiana (approx. 6 years ago) when I was searching for a large decorative mirror to place in our dining room. I wanted a sunburst-style mirror but could not find one that I liked in a price range that wasn’t ridiculously expensive, so I did what I always do when I can’t justify the price, went online and searched how to DIY one. This mirror idea is not my own. I found it on a home decor blog, and I wish I could credit the original post but I can’t find it online anymore (however there are many other versions available online). But I must say, the creator of this mirror deserves props because it is a piece in our home that has received so many compliments over the years. In our current home it is hung in a room with big windows facing the street. I have had people stop, while walking by my house, and say something about this mirror. And people are normally shocked when I say that I made it! This is a great DIY people! And I hope that you give it a try for your home!

Easy DIY Sunburst Wall Mirror

Step 1: Find your base mirror. To begin, you will need a round mirror with a flat frame that is at least 1″ in width.

I bought my base mirror at Hobby Lobby. It came as a set of 4 different round sizes which allowed me to choose the size best suited for my space. I went with the largest of the mirrors in the set, which is approx. 11″ in diameter.

Once you have your base mirror, you may choose to spray the frame a color that would work best for the mirror you are going to create. In the original post that I used to make this mirror, the author of the post sprayed her completed mirror white. You can have a lot of fun with this mirror creatively, and choose any color you like that works in your space. Spraying the mirror a fun color like glossy red, vibrant yellow, coral or emerald green would really create a decor pop in the right space. Painted gold, white or black would create a more polished look. Whatever color direction you choose to go, be sure to paint your frame first to match.

I chose to keep my mirror natural which allowed the original black frame to work perfectly.

Step 2: Buy bamboo for your mirror’s “rays.”

You don’t necessarily have to buy bamboo for this step. You could use thin dowel rods, or even sticks, however, the original post used bamboo and that is what I used in making my mirror.

This project was a one-stop-shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, as the bamboo was purchased there as well. I selected the zebra bamboo seen above. Since I chose to keep my mirror natural, I liked the color variation in this option. Several sticks came in one bunch and, since you will be cutting them to size, one bunch does go a pretty long way. The exact amount of bamboo needed for the project would depend on the diameter of your mirror and thickness of the bamboo. It’s kind of hard to predict unfortunately, so more than one trip to Hobby Lobby may be necessary.

Step 3: Cut the bamboo to size.

For this step you will want to determine where your mirror will go in your home and then lay out how large you want to make it. You can cut the bamboo to make the mirror as large, or small as you want. I wanted a statement mirror that would really fill the space on the wall so I cut my pieces on the larger side.

You will want to cut your bamboo in 3 to 4 different lengths to add interest and depth to your mirror. With my mirror, the longest pieces were cut to approx. 17″. Shortening in 2″ intervals, I cut several pieces at lengths of approx. 15″ and 13.” It is important keep the lengths relatively close in length to keep the look balanced. The 2″ intervals worked great on my mirror.

To cut your bamboo I recommend using a coping saw. Using garden shears or scissors runs the risk of splitting, or crushing the ends of the bamboo and, as the ends are visible on the mirror, it is best to keep the cuts as clean as possible. The coping saw is good for delicate cuts and makes for a clean cut without splitting.

Step 4: Glue the bamboo lengths to your mirror frame.

Now that you have cut your bamboo to varying lengths it is time to grab your hot glue gun and start gluing!

I recommend dividing your mirrors into 8 equal sections, much like pieces of a pie, use painters tape on your mirror to create a guide. Take 8 of your longest length cuts of bamboo and glue them at each of the eight tape guide points which should be equally placed around the perimeter of your mirror. Dividing your mirror into segments helps in the placement of your bamboo lengths to keep it all straight and even.

Lay out your cut lengths of bamboo around the mirror’s frame before you start gluing them all into place. Vary the lengths so that two of the same length aren’t placed side by side. Also, try not to “pattern” your lengths around the mirror, i.e. don’t repeat a pattern of long, medium, short. Move them around, set differing lengths next to one another, step back and look at your placement and adjust where you feel it is needed. Once you are satisfied with your layout, glue the lengths to the frame. Allow the glue ample time to dry and set, trim away any dried glue bits and re-glue if any bamboo lengths seem loose. If you choose to spray paint your mirror a color, now is the time. Cover the glass in the mirror with paper and tape it down with painters tape, move your mirror to a prepared surface and spray away. You can get as creative as you like with color on this step to really make it your own!

And you’re done!

Now you have a gorgeous, custom wall mirror to enjoy made by YOU!

P.S.- If you take this project on for yourself, please send pics my way! I would absolutely love to see your finished product!


All images and content are created and owned by Courtney Payne unless otherwise credited.

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  1. Dylan Payne
    February 5, 2019 / 6:21 am

    Awesome! My favorite piece in the house.

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