New Year, New Decor Trends!

Happy 2019!  I certainly hope everyone’s new year is off to a smoother start than ours!  I am so excited to finally be back at the computer and writing after a crazy few weeks.  To fill you in on my life lately, in early December I fell on our mud room stairs while running to let my dog in.  We had just returned home that day from a trip to Louisiana and my husband had to leave town that same day for work, so I was home alone with my kids.  One kiddo was up in the shower and one was getting into the bath when I quickly ran downstairs to let in our dog.  Being in a hurry, not paying good attention, and kind of being a general klutz, I missed the very bottom step and went down, sideways, on my ankle.  WOW! Pain!  I did not break it, which is kind of crazy considering the crack it made, but I did sprain it badly.  It looked like I stuck half a grapefruit to the side of my ankle.  Its been over a month now and I’m still recovering.

Around New Year’s Eve everyone in our house got sick and I had the pleasure of getting it worse than everyone with a sinus infection that took over two weeks to fully clear up.

Then, last weekend, Kansas City was hit with a monster of a snowstorm that left hundreds of thousands without power.  Us included.

At 4am on Saturday morning we awoke to a huge crash and our power was out.  My neighbor’s gigantic tree had fallen under the weight of the 12+ inches of snow we received and took down a power line.

Our power did not return for 2 days so we bunked with very generous friends who took us in, let their kids entertain ours, fed us wine and pizza and gave us a great spot to watch the Chiefs beat the Colts.

So that has been my life in a nutshell.

But I’m back. Power is on. Laundry is slowly being caught up on. And I can finally get this post out that I have been looking forward to for awhile now.

I am not a quick adopter of decor “trends.”  I feel like I should just say that right out front.  I am a believer in doing what you like in your home.  Your home should reflect you!  However, I do look to trends for inspiration to try new things and incorporate new looks in my home.  I have compiled a list of decor trends chosen by experts in the biz to share with you, but I have whittled the list down to those that I personally like and feel could be easily introduced into any home to give it a little shot of interior design adrenaline.


OK, I love art deco!  Kansas City has so many gorgeous examples of art deco architecture and design in our downtown buildings.  I’ve grown up looking at these masterpieces and they have a stronghold on my heart.  The look hearkens back to a more elegant and sophisticated time.  This look is sleek, modern (in it’s own way), and just plain cool.

Photo via Architectural Digest

Now, realistically, it is not really practical to outfit your entire home in this genre, but you can incorporate select pieces to give your home a feel and homage to this look.

Robert Abbey Octavius Pendant Light.

Richmond High Nickel Plate Art Deco Alarm Clock.

New Pacific Direct Inc. Alessio Artdeco Sideboard.

Art deco tile by Ann Sacks from last year’s Kansas City Symphony Designer’s Showhouse.

Feather Collection Chair and Feather Collection Bed by Anthropologie.

Natural Elements

This look has been going strong for a long time now, but designers are coming up with new ways to incorporate natural elements into interiors to add texture and warmth, and create a decor statement in an organic way.

Leather drawer pulls are showing up in design providing a contemporary, yet natural look in spaces from kitchens to bathrooms and more.

Photo via Lonny Magazine

Leather Drawer Pulls by SlaskaLAB on Etsy.

Pulls by Coriumleathercraft at Etsy.

Wallpaper with designs pulled from natural elements such as agate and marble make a big design statement with their visual movement.

Photo via DecorPad
Photo via Sarah Sherman Samuel, Pink Agate Wallpaper.
Photo via Pinterest.
Marble Wallpaper at Coco Brookside.
Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wall Mural from Murals Wallpaper.

Grasscloth is also making a comeback, although it has come a long way from the seventies! Today’s grasscloth wall coverings provide texture to your space in a variety of chic colors.

Bataan Wheat Grasscloth Wallpaper from Brewster Home Fashions.

Brewster Home Fashions.

High Contrast Neutrals

When it comes to high contrast neutrals few beat the combo of black and white. Instantly classic and timeless, you seriously can not go wrong with this look. Black and white is also super versatile, easily lending itself to interior styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Photo via Houzz, TRG Architecture + Interior Design
Photo via Houzz, Boscolo Interior Design

Photo via Houzz, M/I Homes

Mixing Patterns

This trend can be a little more daunting to try in your own home but, when done well, pattern mixing can make for a fun and colorful space. I have found that the key to mixing patterns successfully is to start with a solid, neutral base color and build from there. For example, solid neutral walls are a perfect backdrop for a patterned area rug. A solid sofa allows for a blend of colorful and patterned pillows. Find a unifying color scheme to aid in mixing patterns in a cohesive way. Avoid using pastels with primary colors. Choose colors in the same color family or ones that are complementary.

Pattern mixing is a trend that you can have a lot of fun with. Much of mixing patterns is simply trial and error. Start by putting different colors and patterns together and see what appeals to you and what doesn’t.

Photo via Adore Magazine.
Photo via Houzz.

Photo via Design Files.


Now before I lose you (because I know florals aren’t for everyone) the current floral trend isn’t like a visit to grandma’s house. Florals are being used in very chic and contemporary ways in home decor right now, and I kind of love it! A bold floral wall can add instant drama to a space. Use of a darker floral can create a moody vibe while a light and colorful floral can add whimsy. Modern florals are showing up more in all areas of design from walls, to rugs, furniture and accessories which makes it easy to find the right one to incorporate into your space.

Photo via Pinterest.

Photo via While You Were Sleeping.
Photo: Courtney Payne, all items from Ikea.
Nervous to commit to a large-scale floral wall? Try a less permanent option with removable wallpaper, such as the one used in this Kansas City home.
Photo via Courtney Payne.
Photo via While You Were Sleeping.

Watercolor Impressionistic Floral Pillow Color available on Etsy.

Embroidered Cleo Wall Hanging and Karina-Printed Edlyn Bench both from Anthropologie.

Trend, by definition, is a current style or preference, the keyword here being “current.” What is “current” today will be old news tomorrow so use your own discretion and preference when trying something new. Search for bargains, take your time, have a plan, and whatever you do, DO NOT buy on a whim. But, DO try something new! Get inspired, get out of your comfort zone, you might just fall in love with the results!

Thank you all for following along with Brookside On Main in this first year of it’s existence. I have learned so much and continue to do so. There is a lot coming to this space this year! More home tours, more local collaborations, DIY projects, it’s going to be a blast!


All images and content is created an owned by Courtney Payne unless otherwise credited.

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