The Brookside Renovation Series – “The Final Reveal” Part 3

In our third and final installation of the Brookside Renovation Series, we take a tour of the stunning third floor master suite.  The third floor of the home was formerly one open space with a small bath tucked behind a wall in one corner of the room.  The bathroom area also housed a small refrigerator.  The previous owners had, at one time many years ago, rented this space out to tenants.

Photo : via Cody Brown

Original third floor room.

Photo: Cody Brown

In planning stages for this space Tom said, “having a whole floor dedicated to the master creates a certain amount of luxury and elegance that is hard to create from scratch.”

“Hard to create” is correct in that, this floor, required the the greatest amount of new construction in the home to transform it from a typical, low-ceilinged Brookside third floor into a gorgeous and luxe master retreat.

Third floor during demolition.

“What it came down to, to make this master bedroom situation work, was raising and widening the existing dormers,” Cody said.  “The way it turned out, it doesn’t feel like an addition, it blends.  We never want it to feel like it is “new” but rather that it has always been that way.”

Original dormers were raised and widened to allow for higher ceilings and enhanced space for the master closet and en-suite bath.  Larger windows provide a tree house-like view.

Cody Brown, at 6 foot 2 inches tall, demonstrates the sufficient ceiling height.

Interior is drywalled while the new exterior is wrapped in cedar shake siding.

After many weeks of construction, re-wiring, plumbing and more, the view coming up the stairs to the third floor was dramatically changed.

What was once dated is now spacious, bright and beautiful.

Custom headboard and bedside chandeliers by Cody Brown.

Photo: Melissa Field

A vintage gold crushed velvet chair provides seating opposite the bed.

Photo: via Cody Brown

The original third floor bath was small and dated.

Framing goes in for the wall to the new en-suite bath.

Photo: Melissa Field

Once completed, a set of vintage double doors open onto the most stunning master bathroom.  An eight foot double vanity stretches along one wall as a 3-sided glass walk-in shower stands opposite.

“The three sided glass shower helped us to bring the natural light all the way into the bedroom space,” Tom said, “and the somewhat symmetrical French doors on either side of the master bedroom created a fun dynamic.”

Photo: Melissa Field

Bright whites and soft greys create a serene space.

Photo: Melissa Field

On the wall opposite the bathroom lies a second set of French door which leads to the walk-in closet.

“The master closet is one of my favorite spaces in the home,” Cody said.  “It turned into this chic, boutique-feeling space with the lighting, the dramatic chandelier.  I feel like whoever gets ready in there in the morning is going to feel awesome, like feel really good about life as they are getting dressed.”

 Photo: Melissa Field

Photo: Melissa Field

A dramatic crystal chandelier hangs above a center island of chest of drawers and display for accessories.  “His and Hers” closet walls are divided into bays that are illuminated with LED tape.

“This was a really fun space to design,” said Tom in discussing the new master suite.

The care that both Tom and Cody took in their approach to the redesign of this home is evident as you step inside the front door.  Their dedication to preserving the history and originality of the home, coupled with forward-thinking design to make the space appealing for the way people live today, and into the future, has been a pleasure to observe.

While taking my readers on a tour of this home I have not even touched on all of the things that Tom and Cody did to the space that are “unseen.”  Trust me, they are many.  To name just a few, the home did not have central air-conditioning (can you even imagine during the hot and humid Kansas City summers?!).  It now does.  The home also has all new wiring, lighting fixtures, plumbing, a built-in speaker system on each level of the home and in all outdoor entertaining areas, and all new windows, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This home is now ready for the next generation of owners to love it and enjoy it as much as it had been enjoyed in the past.  It is now ready for new stories to be created and new memories to be made, and it is dressed and ready for the part!

Special thanks to Tom Larkin and Cody Brown for allowing me access to the home during all stages of this renovation.  Thank you for answering all of my questions and texts, and for going out of your way to promote this entire series.  You guys have been amazing and I wish you nothing but the best!


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