The Brookside Renovation Series – “The Final Reveal” Part 2

In our second installment of the Brookside Renovation final reveal we take a tour of the bright and airy second floor of the home.  The original blueprint of the second floor consisted of 3 bedrooms, one of which had an additional connecting room that could be considered a 4th bedroom and was used as an office space.  One full bath for the floor completed the second story.

In planning for the renovation Tom said, “Cody and I both knew we needed an additional full bath and laundry room.  There wasn’t enough room on the first floor to include the laundry room, so the second floor became the obvious choice by default.”  With plans formed the work began.

A gracious landing at the top of the stairs leads to the original 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath. (Photo taken during the demolition stage)

Post-renovation landing decor includes a mid-century cabinet and vintage Slim Aarons artwork.

A small room connecting to the former master bedroom had been used as an office space.

Photo: Melissa Field

In the newly renovated space the former office is transformed into not one, but two functional spaces envisioned by Tom and Cody.  The first is the second floor laundry room.

In discussing this space, Cody talked of the care and consideration he and Tom take when planning their projects.  “The easy, and more affordable, solution for the laundry room would have been to keep it in it’s original basement location of course,” Cody said. “But we knew that this would be a space that would be used everyday, so we wanted it to be in a convenient location, the place where most of the laundry accumulates.”

Cody hand wall-papered vintage magazine ads and pages on one wall of the laundry room as a feature wall.

Open shelving and a waterfall edge butcher block counter complete the space.

Photo: Melissa Field

The second of the two new spaces is a large 2nd full bath with double vanity and walk-in shower.

“The area that became the second floor bathroom had an abundance of windows, which created a few layout issues, but I think the inclusion of the floating mirrors really provided a bathroom that was highlighted by natural light,” Tom said. “These kinds of spaces are typically designated for bedrooms, so I think it’s a nice surprise for buyers to have such a bright and inviting bathroom, but the placement of the vanity still provides some strategic privacy from the neighbors.”

A modern mosaic tile shower floor in soft blue adds a bit of color and interest to the space.

Cody states, “I’m not typically a bathroom guy but I love this room and how it turned out.”  “I love all of the windows,” he said, “but you still have privacy with all the surrounding trees.  The hanging mirrors and big, open space, I just love it.”

The former master bedroom.

Photo: Melissa Field

Envisioned as the “girl’s room,” the former master is now a bright and spacious bedroom full of natural light.  A custom “Audrey Hepburn” art installation, made by Cody Brown, makes for a stunning headboard.

Photo: Melissa Field

The original large, front-facing bay window is a stunning focal point in the room.

Custom “graffiti” curtain panels were created by Cody Brown.

A color palette of black and white with touches of pink give this room a feminine and timeless feel.

Photo: Melissa Field

Dubbed the “boy’s room,” the design scheme of this room provides a vintage sport club feel.


Photo: Melissa Field

 This second, front-facing bedroom also boasts a feature wall of bay windows.

Posters hung from croquet mallets decorate one corner of the room.

A grouping of antique trophies and camera cases take up space in front of the large bay windows.

Original doors remain throughout the home, such as this closet door with time-aged mirror and original glass doorknob.

Above the bed, vintage Life Magazine covers hang from a pair of hockey sticks.

The original full bath on the second floor was completely gutted and reconfigured for the renovation.  The original tub was salvaged and remains in the current bathroom.


This cozy hall bath received a second entrance off the guest bedroom as a convenience for overnight visitors.  A vintage painted bureau acts as a new vanity, ensconced in a waterfall edge butcher block counter and built in shelving.  A salvaged farm-style sink with matte black front-mount faucet adds traditional style with a modern vibe to the room.


The original 3rd bedroom.

Photo: Melissa Field

What was once a cramped, drab room is now a light-filled guest retreat.

Uncovering details such as the brick chimney running through the center of the home, adds character and texture to the space.

Photo: Melissa Field

Mid-century designed side tables and decor add a classic feel to the room.


Tom and Cody completely maximized the available space on the home’s 2nd floor.  While some would be hesitant to take away a bedroom from a house, in doing so, they created a much more functional space suited for today’s lifestyle.  The addition of a large second bath and separate laundry room, along with bright and spacious bedrooms and original hall bath make this floor comfortable for both it’s occupants and guests.

Stay tuned for our final installment, coming tomorrow, where we keep heading upwards to the newly constructed master bedroom suite.  This stunning space required quite a bit of planning, problem-solving and construction to become a gorgeous space that you won’t want to miss!



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