The Chair That I Have Been Seeing Everywhere!

When you watch decor sites as much as I do you definitely take notice of popular trends and products.  One such product is a particular boho, global chair that I have been seeing over and over again on Instagram.  Kansas City’s own, designer Jennifer Bertrand, even recently posted about acquiring one of these chairs on Facebook marketplace.  So, I have been on the hunt.  I had no idea what to call this particular chair.  I didn’t inquire with my decor savvy friends on this one, I just relied on specific Google searches.  At last I found what I was looking for, this special “Unicorn” chair that designers have been favoring lately is the Mexican Equipale Chair.

Photo via :  Instagram @venicevintageparadise

Equipale is defined (by Wikipedia) as a ground-level seat used by Aztec leaders in the manner of a throne, or, a type of reed or wicker chair with a leather-sheathed seat and back.

Any way you define it, designers of late have taken notice in a big way.

Photo: via Instagram @nickeykehoe

Photo: via Instagram @candida

Photo: via Instagram @thejoshuatreehouse,   @margaretaustin_photo

Photo: via Instagram  @theassemblysf

Can you picture this globally inspired chair in your home?  If so, I have compiled a few sources to look in to.

Amazon.  If you search “Mexican Equipale Chairs” you will get approx. 2 results.  The first from YESimports has options beginning at $180 per chair.

Another source that appears reputable is from Direct From Mexico  with prices beginning at $219.

You can always try your luck with your own Google search and on sites such as Craigslist and Ebay.

This look is trending and fits in perfectly with contemporary, boho, global and modern decor styles.  My advice is to shop now before this item is priced to reflect demand!

Happy shopping!


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