Trends To Try In 2018

Post holidays, once all of the decor has been boxed up and shelved in the basement for another year, I always feel like the house has a case of the blahs.  Winter has set in and the days are grey and cold which keeps us stuck indoors more often.  Nothing gets my mind turned towards our house, and how I can bring in something new to give it a little refresh, more than being stuck inside.  I think that my husband dreads winter more than anyone in our house, not just because he is a Southern boy now living in a climate with “real” winters, but more for the fact that I come up with a whole host of plans and projects for the house at this time of year.

The new year, however, is a great time to plan out a little makeover for the home.  This makeover doesn’t need to be major.  It can be as simple as adding a new pop of color to a room with pillows or plants to make the space feel fresh and new.  The new year also ushers in new trend predictions in home decor.  If you Google “2018 home decor trends” you will find article after article after article of designer’s top picks for what we will see more and less of in the coming year.  I’ve whittled away at the very long list to highlight a few that I found interesting (and realistic), and one big one that I strongly disagree with.


One trend that you hear of quite a bit is part of a movement that has actually been growing for some time now, Wabi-Sabi.  Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that celebrates the art of imperfection.  It accepts the natural flaws and imperfect beauty of nature and natural objects.  You see this design trend appear in the resurgence of hand crafted goods for the home such as pottery and crafted arts.  I personally love this trend as it creates a more casual, stress-free environment in the home instead of striving for that perfect, almost un-lived in look.  Handcrafted goods tell a story and add a warmth and interest to your space.

Craft White Mug and Plate and Striped Bowls from Golden & Pine.

Striped Bowls and Clay Planters from Golden & Pine.

White and Natural Vases from Golden & Pine.


Designers are also declaring “more” in household plants and greenery.  However, many are saying that succulents have had their moment in the sun while plants with colorful or patterned foliage are becoming more popular.  Word of caution, often times those pretty, patterned plants require more care and are more finicky than other plant options.  I find greenery in the home to be peaceful.  It also is a great option in filling a bare space.  We love to be outdoors as much as possible so, for us, bringing some of the outdoors in is always a good idea.

Mixed Metals

One trend that I have mixed emotions about is the mixing of metals.  While I love the look of brushed brass drawer handles in the kitchen, for example, I have a hard time seeing them next to stainless steel appliances, faucets and sinks.  Maybe I am a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to this area of design but I struggle with it not being a cohesive look.  Having said that, I have seen this mixing done in other homes with beautiful results.

Due to my indecision on this topic, I reached out to Stephanie Agne, owner of the Kansas City based home decor shop, Golden & Pine (and total home decor guru, in my opinion!) to get her input on this trend.  Stephanie suggests repeating a particular hardware choice throughout the home, rather than in just one room.  This, she says, makes your choice appear more intentional and cohesive.  Stephanie also stated that if your home decor is more of an eclectic style this trend would be easier to work with.

Designers do say that mixing of metals is here to stay, at least for now, along with more brushed vs. polished finishes on hardware.  Matte black hardware is also poised to be big in 2018 and I am so on board!  Matte black complements other metals and provides a clean and contemporary look.


Rich Color Palettes

Richer color palettes are sneaking back into home decor in wall colors, furniture and accessories.  Jewel tones, reds, and greens such as olive and chartreuse are being seen more and more in rooms and accent pieces for the home.  This color scheme is primed for pairing with more luxurious fabrics for furniture, such as velvet.  You can have a lot of fun with this trend if you are bold enough to do it.  I love my light, bright rooms, but a sofa, chair, or pillows in rich colors can not only complement, but be a real statement piece in a white or light room.  If you are brave enough to go “all in” with this color scheme, you can create a beautiful, glam Hollywood Regency styled room with jewel toned wall colors and furniture in equally rich complementary colors.

Carlo Mid-Century Chair from West Elm.

Rich, peacock blue walls and accent pillows add to the Hollywood Regency feel of this home’s dining room.

Velvet Sofa and Throw Pillows from World Market.

Decorative Lamp Shades

Many designers are saying that the tried and true workhorse of lamp shades, the drum, may be taking a backseat to lamp shades with decorative elements such as pleats, patterns and fringe.  I can say right now that a pleated shade will most likely not be making an appearance in my home. I just can’t with that one.  However, if used sparingly, it could work in a vignette space in the home.  I feel the same with printed shades.  As long as they are not over-used throughout the home they can add a bit of unexpected style to your space.

I find that a shade with elements such as pleats, patterns and fringe work best on lamp bases that are simple and clean in shape and color.  In our home we incorporated an all-fringe hanging drum in our library room and I could not love it more!  While our contractor called it, “a bold choice,” (pretty sure he didn’t love it like I do) I think it adds interest and is unique without being overwhelming.

Patterned Shades from World Market.

Fela Tassel Chandelier from The Jungalow.

Curved Furnishings

The last one I will touch on is the return of curved furnishings as favored in 70’s and 80’s decor.  Once again, if used sparingly, this look can be fun in the home.  West Elm currently has some interesting chairs in this trend style.  If you do like this trend and would like to incorporate it into your home at a lower cost I suggest searching your local thrift stores and estate sales.  A quick re-upholster job can bring new life to an old find.

Crescent Swivel Chair from West Elm.

Armchair available at West Elm.

Thea Chair from West Elm.

Out-All White Kitchens

The one design trend that many designers are saying is “out” is the all-white kitchen and I could not disagree more.  All white kitchens are timeless and classic.  They can fit into virtually any decor genre from ultra-modern to traditional.  The all-white kitchen is versatile, allowing you to bring in color and express your design personality through accessories such as rugs and textiles, plates, light fixtures, etc. It provides a clean canvas for surface materials in flooring, countertops and backsplashes. Changing out tile and/or cabinetry, hardware and more can become very costly very quickly.  It is a much easier and budget-friendly idea to express color trends in the kitchen through use of accessories rather than to splurge on a trendy backsplash or cabinetry that may appear dated in a few short years.  So I say no to the designers who say the white kitchen is out.  I love my white kitchen and it isn’t going anywhere.

Whether you embrace the trends or stick to what you like, it’s up to you.  Trends come and go and it often seems that what one person declares as “in,” another will argue as “out.”  Your home should reflect you.  So, when in doubt, go with what feels right and appeals to you.  But, don’t be afraid to try something new!







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    February 7, 2018 / 1:58 am

    Love the natural look. Ahhhh.

  2. Sam
    February 7, 2018 / 1:59 am

    Agree. The white kitchen is classic.

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