Show Off Your Thanksgiving Table!

If you head over to Houzz today they are offering a fun opportunity to show off your Thanksgiving decor!  Upload a picture of your Thanksgiving table decor and it may just show up on Houzz!

I’d like to give a very big thanks to Houzz for featuring our Horn of Plenty decor in their story!    And to the very talented Jessica Cain, for the beautiful photo!

Photo: Jessica Cain

My holiday style is simple and natural.  I like an uncluttered look in table top decor.  Less is definitely more in our house because our dining room table is a workhorse! Besides eating, we do homework there, it is normally where the mail ends up landing, kids gloves and hats, you name it.  I feel like I’m always having to sweep everyday items off the table so I tend to go with a simple, unfussy centerpiece that can be moved easily and doesn’t add to the chaos that our table can become.

When it comes to fall decor, you can’t go wrong with natural elements.  Fall boasts some of the absolute best colors.  In this centerpiece the bright leaves, gourds and berries are simple and beautiful and don’t overwhelm the space.  Now, full disclosure, I have used artificial leaves and berries in this centerpiece.  A couple of reasons for this: 1) Leaves won’t last.  Unfortunately they dry up too quickly.  2) My kids are at this table all the time.  Real leaves and berries would be scattered EVERYWHERE. And, realistically, probably end up in someone’s mouth!  So I found some really beautiful faux leaves and berries and called it a day!  I anchored the centerpiece with this gorgeous pizza board from Golden & Pine (in Kansas City).  The warm wood of the board lets the fall colors shine, it makes the whole centerpiece easy to move on and off the table as needed and it’s just a really cool piece.  Seriously, that board can be used in so many different ways!

This look has been our everyday table top decor through the Fall season.  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I will probably do something different for our holiday table.  Maybe some flowers (real ones!), or I may do something with some pumpkins.  Thanksgiving is only 3 days away so I’d better get to it!



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